Would you like a touch up for chipped, old paintwork, or complete overhaul of the look of your house...inside or out? Either way JT Property and Garden Maintenance have the skills to meet your needs. Preparation for this work is vital – masking up edges, dust sheets, and sanding down woodwork results in a perfect professional finish.
  • Filling cracks in the walls
  • Re-siliconing around baths and showers, includes removing old silicone
  • Touching up existing paintwork
  • Painting – walls, ceilings, radiators
  • Wallpaper hanging
  • Outside painting – brick work
Flooring & Tiling
Whether you have a few lose tiles, or want your room completely re tiled, JT Property and Garden Maintenance can complete the job.
  • Re-fixing lose tiles
  • Removing existing tiles
  • Cutting and Shaping tiles
  • Drilling through tiles to fit Bathroom accessories – towel rails etc.
  • Tiling Walls
  • Tiling Floors
  • Laying Vinyl Floors
Do you have cupboard or loft hatch doors that don’t quite close properly anymore? Or would you like new doors and locks installed.
  • Hanging New Doors
  • Plane existing door – due to weather or new carpets
  • Locks – Installing and replacing locks, bolts on windows, doors, sheds and cupboards